Amenities that Elevate our Community - luxury game room with a poker table in the middle

Amenities that Elevate our Community

Who says home can’t double as your personal luxury staycation hotel? At Alexan Gateway, we’re blurring the lines between everyday living and the high-end lifestyle of your dreams. Here, every corner comes with elegance, and every amenity whispers of upscale living. From chic lounges to cutting-edge workspaces, we’ve tailored our community to those who appreciate the finer things in life. So, have a walk through the doors of Alexan Gateway and explore the amenities that elevate our community from simply stylish to sincerely sensational.

The Heartbeat of Community

Come on into our clubroom and catch the Alexan Gateway vibe. It’s not just any room; it’s a cool, modern spot with all you need for fun or relaxation. There are TVs, a warm fireplace, a kitchen full of supplies, a coffee bar for your drink needs, and a pool table for games. It’s the best place for chilling out and getting together with friends. We made this place comfy for hanging out, laughing over coffee, or having a peaceful night by the fire. It’s a great place to make new friends or simply enjoy some alone time.

Amenities that Elevate Your Game

Who thought luxury could be so entertaining? Our game lounge shows that upscale living should also be fun. It has TVs for watching games, shuffleboard for competition, and lots of board games. It’s perfect for any kind of fun you’re after. Planning a game night or just chilling in the afternoon? This place definitely has you covered. It mixes cool with fun, making sure you have a great time every time you’re here. It’s also a great way to meet people who love games as much as you do. We ensure it is always set up and ready for your next visit.

Work and Wi-Fi

In today’s world, connectivity is key, and at Alexan Gateway, we’ve got you covered. Our community Wi-Fi ensures you stay connected, whether you’re lounging poolside or nestled in our work-from-home booths. Speaking of which, these booths are a game-changer for remote work. They offer privacy and comfort alongside Wi-Fi printers for all your document needs. It’s the ideal blend of productivity and convenience, no matter whether you’re working hard or hardly working. This amenity ensures you do work in style. Here, luxury means having the flexibility to work your way with all the technological trimmings to support your lifestyle.

At Alexan Gateway, it’s more than just apartments; it’s about unique experiences. Our clubroom, game lounge, and connected workspaces all create a life that’s both fancy and relaxed. Every part of this place is made for a high-end lifestyle, showing you can have elegance and enjoyment together. Each day lets you live stylishly, wrapped in the comfort and luxury you’ve earned here in our community. Explore amenities that elevate our community here at Alexan Gateway. Enjoy these features for yourself, and secure a lease today!