An Authentic and Delightful Sushi Experience - Sushi rolls with soy sauce

An Authentic and Delightful Sushi Experience

Nestled in the vicinity of our Alexan Gateway neighborhood, Sushi Kaunta is a hidden culinary treasure that offers an authentic and delightful sushi experience. This cozy restaurant has become a favorite for locals and visitors alike, providing a perfect blend of traditional sushi with a modern twist. As the holidays are already here, it’s the ideal spot to gather with friends and family for a memorable meal.

Delightful Freshness at its Best

At Sushi Kaunta, fresh ingredients are a big deal. The chefs make sure every sushi piece comes with fresh, tasty flavors. You’ll find lots of choices on their menu, like different sushi rolls, sashimi, and nigiri. They have everything from the well-known California roll to the exciting Dragon roll. So, no matter what kind of sushi you like, you’ll find something great to eat here. Plus, their friendly staff and cozy setting make every meal feel special.

An Authentic Menu for Everyone

Sushi Kaunta knows not everyone loves sushi. So, they’ve got a menu that has something for everyone. Besides sushi, you can get yummy cooked foods like tempura, teriyaki, and udon noodles. This means the whole family can find something they like, even if they’re not big on sushi. It’s a great spot for family dinners or a meal with friends who have different tastes. Everyone leaves happy and full, making it a go-to place in Kent for diverse dining options.

Experience the Holidays with Sushi

As the holiday season has already started, Sushi Kaunta turns into a place full of cheer. They have special rolls and dishes just for the holidays, great for sharing with family and friends. If you want a laid-back meal or a special holiday dinner, Sushi Kaunta has you covered. Their holiday treats make any get-together extra special. It’s a fun, festive spot to enjoy good food and good times. Plus, it’s a cool way to add a bit of sushi flair to your holiday celebrations.

Come to Sushi Kaunta for an authentic and delightful sushi experience. See you there when you move to Alexan Gateway. Schedule a tour and lease today!