An Irresistible Urban Retreat - luxury A3 one-bedroom and one-bathroom floor plan

An Irresistible Urban Retreat

Inside the A3 floor plan at Alexan Gateway, you’ll find that luxury isn’t just about the frills. It’s about creating a space that feels instantly like home, but with a touch of elegance. It comes with 732 SF of well-appointed living space. This one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment is a testament to upscale living. The A3 floor plan blends style and functionality into an irresistible urban retreat. Are you a culinary enthusiast, a decor aficionado, or someone who enjoys the quiet comfort of their sanctuary? The A3 floor plan caters to all aspects of sophisticated apartment living.

An Irresistible Elegance

The A3 floor plan is great at making the most of its space with an open-concept design. Covering 732 SF, the space feels even bigger without walls between the kitchen and living areas. This layout lets light and air move freely, making the area welcoming. The open space is perfect for both having fun and relaxing, letting you cook, eat, and relax all in one spot. It’s perfect for anyone who likes a clean, modern look and wants all the practical features of a well-planned home.

The Heart of An Urban Home

At the heart of the A3 floor plan is the living and dining area. It flows smoothly into the kitchen, highlighted by a beautiful chef’s island. This island is more than just a centerpiece. It serves multiple purposes and features durable quartz countertops that add a luxurious touch. It’s ideal for preparing meals, eating casually, or hosting guests. The kitchen is fitted with modern appliances and chic cabinets that go well with the quartz countertops. It creates a perfect space for those who enjoy cooking and entertaining. This area is both useful and elegant, showcasing the luxury and style that Alexan Gateway is known for.

Private Retreat

In the private part of the A3 floor plan, the bedroom is a peaceful retreat from the busy world outside. It’s big enough for a large bed and more furniture without feeling too tight. The nearby bathroom matches the apartment’s modern, functional style. It comes with all the top-notch fixtures and a modern look. This area includes two large closets that offer plenty of room for clothes, linens, and other items. These closets help you keep your space tidy and organized, adding to the luxurious and orderly atmosphere of your personal retreat.

Living in the A3 floor plan at Alexan Gateway means you’re choosing a lifestyle that’s a step above the ordinary. A smart layout? Definitely. A great use of space? We got it. An elegant living and dining area? Look no further. Every part of this apartment comes with upscale living in mind. This floor plan does more than just give you a place to live. It enhances your life with luxury, comfort, and elegance. Here, you’ll find a home that truly meets your dreams of living in style and sophistication. An irresistible urban retreat awaits you here at Alexan Gateway. Catch a lease on our luxury A3 floor plan today!