Extra Room and a Refreshing Lifestyle - Interior with wood-vinyl plank flooring

Extra Room and a Refreshing Lifestyle

Welcome to Alexan Gateway, where every apartment is a canvas for your lifestyle, offering amenities that marry function with form. Here, we understand that the difference between a house and a home is in the details. The little luxuries and the big comforts that make your everyday life a pleasure. Join us on this virtual tour of our homes that offer extra room and a refreshing lifestyle.

Extra Breathing Room

Our spacious walk-in closets are a dream come true for anyone who loves a well-organized wardrobe. Say goodbye to cramped corners and cluttered spaces. These closets give you the freedom to arrange your clothes, shoes, and accessories just the way you like. It’s a personal dressing room where you can start each day feeling calm and collected. Give yourself the extra space and storage you deserve with an added touch of luxury.

Step on Style

From the moment you step inside, the warm look of wood-vinyl plank flooring welcomes you. It combines the classic beauty of hardwood with the ease of vinyl tile. This flooring stands up to the daily hustle, is a breeze to clean, and adds a touch of elegance to every room. It’s the perfect foundation for your furniture, your life, and your memories, all while keeping your home looking its best. At Alexan Gateway, even the floor you are stepping on will give you a sense of style.

A Refreshing Routine

The bathrooms turn into a spa-like experience with walk-in showers. These bathrooms are an experience offering a spacious and modern touch to your daily routine. So, if you are looking to rinsing off for the day or gearing up for a new one, these walk-in showers add a splash of luxury to your mornings and a soothing wind-down to your evenings. Start your day the right way after having a relaxing session in our luxury bathrooms.

Come to Alexan Gateway for extra room and a refreshing lifestyle. Schedule a tour of our homes today!