Gatherings Of Wholesome Fun And Games - Lawn

Gatherings Of Wholesome Fun And Games

Nothing beats the feeling of fresh air, the sound of laughter, and the sight of nature at its finest. At the heart of Alexan Gateway, you’ll find a haven where greenery embraces fun: a beautifully landscaped courtyard that’s both a retreat and a playground. This place is perfect for gatherings of wholesome fun and games. Come and explore it with us!

Grills & Gatherings

There’s something truly magical about food cooked outdoors. Maybe it’s the aroma, the open sky, or just the joy of being in nature. The courtyard’s grilling stations are ready for all your barbeque parades. From classic barbeque favorites to experimental grilled veggies, these grills have seen it all. With ample seating around, every grilled meal becomes an event, a celebration of flavors under the vast sky.

Fun And Games

For those with a playful spirit, the game lawn is a dream come true. Think of it as nature’s own playground. Whether it’s a friendly match of cornhole, frisbee, or just an impromptu game you come up with, the lawn is your canvas. Share a laugh with friends or family as you enjoy the outdoors. The lush green underfoot, the open space, and the joyous atmosphere make every game a memory in the making.

For the Young and Young at Heart

At one corner of the courtyard stands a testament to pure joy: a play set that beckons the little ones (and maybe some not-so-little ones too!). Designed with safety and fun in mind, it’s where laughter rings the loudest. Slides, swings, and climbing spots – every feature promises an adventure, making it a favorite among the community’s youngest residents. And if you’re young at heart, nothing is holding you back from enjoying what the play set has to offer.

Gatherings of wholesome fun and games await you here at Alexan Gateway. Celebrate life with us! Schedule a tour and lease today!