Holidays with Fresh Air and Elegance - Interior with nine-foot ceilings

Holidays with Fresh Air and Elegance

A life at Alexan Gateway means experiencing apartment amenities that combine comfort and style. Adding an extra touch of magic to your holiday season. Our homes feature spacious rooms with tall ceilings, lovely countertops, and, in some cases, private patios for you to enjoy. It’s all about making your living experience here truly delightful. Spend the holidays with fresh air and elegance in our luxury homes.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Our apartments have really tall, nine-foot ceilings. Your rooms will look big and bright because of this. It’s great for putting up your holiday tree and other decorations. With these tall ceilings, you have lots of space to move and breathe. Making every room feel open and friendly, perfect for holiday fun and relaxing evenings. They’re also ideal for hanging festive lights or tall ornaments, adding extra cheer to your holiday decor.

The Practical in Elegance

We have beautiful quartz countertops in our kitchens. They look fancy and are very useful. These countertops are great for making cookies or setting up a holiday meal. They’re simple to clean, so you have more time for holiday cooking fun. They also make your kitchen look extra nice every day. Plus, they’re also durable, so you don’t have to worry about scratches or damage from kitchen tools. And, the smooth surface is perfect for rolling out pastry dough or setting up a festive spread.

Your Own Holiday Retreat

Select homes at Alexan Gateway come with their own private patios. Imagine sipping hot chocolate and watching the snowfall or enjoying a quiet holiday morning outside. These patios offer you a personal space to relax and enjoy the outdoors. They’re great for small holiday decorations or just for a breath of fresh air without leaving home. You can also use them for a cozy outdoor dinner or to display twinkling lights. They’re also perfect for growing a small winter garden or enjoying a festive outdoor brunch.

Enjoy the holidays with fresh air and elegance here at Alexan Gateway. Schedule a tour and lease today!