Living Life with Extra Luxuries - C1 floor plan

Living Life with Extra Luxuries

Choosing a home is an adventure, a journey to find the perfect space to live life in comfort. At Alexan Gateway, this journey leads to a floor plan that promises comfort, style, and ample room for life’s moments. Boasting a generous 1,309 SF, the C1 floor plan is perfect for those who cherish both personal and extra space whenever needed. Here’s what living life with extra luxuries looks like.

Extra Room for Living

A home is a place where every resident should feel they have their own corner. The C1 floor plan makes this dream a reality with three well-sized bedrooms. If you are a couple who desires an extra room for guests, or someone looking for a dedicated home office or studio, these bedrooms offer the versatility to fit diverse needs. Every bedroom, crafted with attention to detail, ensures that everyone has their sanctuary, making it a perfect abode to unwind, relax, and rejuvenate.

Refresh with Extra Luxuries

One of the hidden gems of comfortable living is having enough bathrooms to go around. With the C1 floor plan, there are two full bathrooms available. This means no more early morning queues or juggling schedules to get everyone out the door on time. The presence of two bathrooms means ease and privacy are always within reach. It’s not just about the number, though; each bathroom’s design and layout provide a spa-like experience, turning everyday routines into moments of pampering.

A Breath of Life and Fresh Air

This floor plan offers your very own balcony. A place to sip your morning coffee, watch the sunset, or simply breathe in some fresh air without stepping out of your home. For those who love a dash of nature and a slice of the outdoors, the balcony in the C1 floor plan becomes an intimate escape, a private viewpoint of the world.

Living life with extra luxuries is the same as breathing when you live at Alexan Gateway. Schedule a tour of our C1 floor plan today!