Luxurious Touches in Every Corner - C1 luxury floor plan

Luxurious Touches in Every Corner

Are you looking for a new home filled with luxurious touches in every corner? We have just what you’re looking for. Alexan Gateway’s C1 floor plan offers a blend of spaciousness, luxury, comfort, and modern design. With a generous 1,309 SF, this layout is here to accommodate your lifestyle with ease and elegance. Come and explore what makes the C1 floor plan a fantastic choice for anyone looking to start fresh this year.

Room to Breathe and Grow

The living area is where the heart of a home beats, and the C1 understands this well. It offers a spacious living room that’s ideal for creating new memories. Imagine hosting a lively party in this welcoming space. Or picture yourself enjoying a quiet evening, lost in a good book. The room’s ample size means you can personalize it with your favorite furniture and decor. Make it a space that reflects your style and comfort. The open-concept design is a modern touch that adds to its charm. Whether you’re cooking, dining, or just relaxing, the area feels airy and connected. You won’t feel cramped or isolated, thanks to this thoughtful layout. In the C1, your living area is more than just a room; it’s a canvas for your life.

Three Comfortable Bedrooms

In the C1 floor plan, each of the three bedrooms is a true haven of comfort. The walk-in closets in each room offer ample storage to keep your space neat and peaceful. These rooms are not just for sleeping; they are personal retreats for relaxation. After a long day, they offer a perfect escape to unwind and rejuvenate. One room could become your home office, another a comfy craft room. Or, if you prefer, keep them all as serene bedrooms. The choice is yours, and flexibility is a key feature. The grace of the design meets diverse needs with ease. No matter your lifestyle, these rooms adapt to support it. In the C1, comfort and adaptability come together beautifully.

Luxurious Touches and More

The C1 floor plan offers more than just space; it’s about the quality of your living area. Its kitchen stands out, boasting a spacious island with sleek quartz countertops. This island becomes the ideal place for morning breakfasts, evening homework, or socializing over a glass of wine. Elegance is in the details, and the C1’s kitchen exemplifies this. The design doesn’t stop there; it extends throughout the home. Some units feature private balconies, adding an extra touch of luxury. Imagine stepping out to breathe the fresh air and savor a peaceful moment. These balconies provide a private oasis, right at home. It’s not just a floor plan; it’s a space crafted with care and attention. The C1 is where quality space and elegant design meet to create your perfect home.

As the new year unfolds, the C1 floor plan at Alexan Gateway stands ready to welcome you into a world of comfort and style. This is more than just an apartment; it’s a space where life can unfold beautifully, where every day brings the joy of living in a well-designed home. With its spacious rooms, luxurious touches, and thoughtful design, the C1 is more than just a floor plan. Start the first chapter of the year in a home with luxurious touches in every corner at Alexan Gateway. Tour and secure a lease of our C1 floor plan today!