Luxury and Entertainment at the Top - resort-style pool with tanning ledges, luxury chairs, mountain views, and downtown views

Luxury and Entertainment at the Top

Imagine after a full day of work, instead of going back to a plain home, you’re on your way to Alexan Gateway. A little piece of heaven right in the city. This place isn’t just any set of apartments; it’s your pass to an elevated way of living made for people who aim to enjoy life to its fullest. Forget wishing for vacation breaks; you’ve got your own special spot to relax every day. So, are you curious about what it is like to live in a stylish home? Discover what it means to have luxury and entertainment at the top at Alexan Gateway.

A View from the Top

First up is the rooftop deck at Alexan Gateway. It’s not just any rooftop; it’s going to be your favorite spot in the city. Imagine having your morning coffee or a relaxing evening drink while enjoying the amazing views of Kent Valley and the Cascade Mountains. This place isn’t just an extra; it changes the way you live for the better. Up on this rooftop, you can see where nature’s beauty meets city chic, creating the perfect spot for a more luxurious life. Whether you want to host a cool party or just have some quiet time by yourself, this rooftop deck is your quiet getaway up above the city.

Indulge in Luxury

Why go on vacation when Alexan Gateway gives you a resort-style pool in your own backyard? Every sunny day feels like a mini-holiday thanks to the upscale pool area. Imagine going into the sparkling blue water or chilling and grilling in upscale spots, all set for a relaxing or fun day with friends. This place is more than a pool; it’s a haven made for relaxing, having fun, and enjoying life to the fullest. Whether you’re soaking up the sun or enjoying a barbecue by the pool, this spot turns every day into a holiday. Celebrate the high and upscale life right in your neighborhood at Alexan Gateway.

Elevate Your Entertainment

At Alexan Gateway, the upscale living experience extends beyond your private quarters. The community comes with elegance and social engagement in mind. Stylish seating areas become the stage for gatherings, laughter, and memories. These spaces are not just about furniture arrangement; they’re about creating an environment where connections and life are cherished. Whether you’re hosting a game night, a sophisticated soiree, or just catching up with friends, the communal areas at Alexan Gateway provide the perfect setting for every occasion.

Alexan Gateway isn’t just a bunch of apartments; it’s a new lifestyle for young pros looking for something extra. You get incredible rooftop views, an upscale pool similar to those at resorts, and fancy spots to chill, making it much more than a posh home. It’s really about making the most of life. Choosing to live here is about saying goodbye to the usual and hello to a life where every day is enjoyable. Who knew grown-up life could be so cool? Experience luxury and entertainment at the top in our luxury homes. Apply at Alexan Gateway for a lease or book a tour today!