Luxury with the Comfort of Home - dog run area with obstacle courses

Luxury with the Comfort of Home

Have you ever dreamed of a place that combines luxury with the comfort of home? Say hello to Alexan Gateway, where we take upscale living to a new level. Every part of our complex is crafted with style and elegance, lifting your lifestyle higher. With beautiful gardens and handy electric car charging spots, Alexan Gateway is more than just apartments. It’s a special place where everything comes with the features to make your life better. Join us on a walk around this wonderful community and see why Alexan Gateway is a cut above in luxury living.

Courtyard Comfort

Walk into our lovely courtyard and you’ll see a perfect spot for relaxation and enjoyment. It comes equipped with barbecue grills for your cookout wishes. It also has comfortable seating to enjoy the night sky, a lawn for games, and a play area for kids, offering the best of outdoor life. Here is where you’ll make lasting memories. Whether you’re cooking up a feast, playing lawn games, our courtyard has it all. It’s the heart of our community where folks get to know each other and every day feels like a little holiday. It’s a place designed for smiles, laughter, and creating moments that turn neighbors into friends.

A Pet-Friendly Home

At Alexan Gateway, we believe your pets deserve a good life as well. So, we’ve set up dog run areas where your four-legged friends can have fun and meet other pets. These spots prove we’re all about bringing joy to every family member, pets included. They’re safe, fun, and simple ways for your pets to be active and find buddies, right here at home. Your pets can play, leap, and meet new friends close to where you live. It’s all part of our commitment to a pet-friendly lifestyle that keeps your furry ones happy and healthy. With these areas, we make sure that your pets have their own space to enjoy, making your home the perfect place for everyone.

Future-Forward Luxury

Living eco-friendly is easy with our electric car charging stations. At Alexan Gateway, luxury means thinking ahead, not just enjoying now. These charging points prove our dedication to being kind to the environment and making things convenient for you. Whether you own an electric car or are thinking about getting one, our stations make charging simple. It’s all part of how we support our residents in leading a top-notch, environmentally friendly life. By offering these facilities, we’re ensuring that you can embrace a greener lifestyle without hassle. Charging your electric vehicle at home has never been smoother, showing our commitment to both luxury and the planet.

At Alexan Gateway, luxury means more than just fancy words. Everything comes with careful planning to make your life better, easier, and more stylish. This is a place where details are important and everyone feels like they belong. Enjoying a BBQ in the courtyard, spending time with your pet, or using eco-friendly transport, Alexan Gateway turns your upscale living dreams into reality. This community mixes elegance, comfort, and green living perfectly for an unmatched experience. Enjoy luxury with the comfort of home at Alexan Gateway. Join our VIP list or secure a lease of our luxury homes today!