Plug Into an Effortlessly Exclusive Touch - Full-Size Washer & Dryer

Plug Into an Effortlessly Exclusive Touch

Choosing an apartment often boils down to the details. The little touches that make daily life more comfortable, convenient, and, yes, even a tad luxurious. At Alexan Gateway, these details are front and center, crafted to cater to the modern resident’s needs. Plug into an effortlessly exclusive touch in this virtual tour of our homes.

Your Own Private Garage

Picture this: after a long day at work or an evening out, you drive into your very own private garage. Sounds like a dream, right? At Alexan Gateway, this dream becomes a reality for select homes. With private resident garages, not only do you get an exclusive space for your vehicle, but you also gain an added layer of privacy. No more need to hunt for a parking spot. It’s convenience and peace of mind, rolled into one.

Plug Into Connectivity

In today’s digital age, staying connected is crucial. Whether it’s your phone, tablet, or other gadgets, keeping them charged and ready is essential. That’s why at Alexan Gateway, our apartments come equipped with USB outlets. Gone are the days of searching for a charger or adapter. With these modern outlets, powering up your devices is as simple as plugging them in. It’s a small touch, but one that makes a world of difference in our tech-driven lives.

Effortlessly Do Laundry

Let’s face it: doing laundry can be a chore. But what if it could be a bit easier? Enter the full-size washers and dryers at Alexan Gateway. With these in your apartment, laundry day transforms from a task to a breeze. You won’t have to haul your laundry to a communal laundry room or wait in line anymore. You can wash and dry at your own pace, in the comfort of your home. Plus, the full size means you can handle bigger loads, making it quicker to get through that pile of clothes.

Plug into an effortlessly exclusive touch in one of our homes at Alexan Gateway. Schedule your private tour today!