Space Meets Style in Perfect Harmony - B3 luxury floor plan

Space Meets Style in Perfect Harmony

Who knew that finding the perfect blend of space and style could be this easy? Step into the B3 floor plan at Alexan Gateway and discover how effortlessly 1,063 SF becomes a haven of modern living. It feels like unlocking a secret formula where space meets style in perfect harmony. Imagine living in a place that not only fits all your needs but also wraps them in elegance. This floor plan turns everyday living into an art form, making you wonder how you ever settled for less.

Space for Dreams and More

The B3 doesn’t just offer two bedrooms; it provides two personal retreats. The primary bedroom is a dream come true with a large walk-in closet that makes organizing a breeze. The secondary bedroom, with its spacious closet, is perfect for roommates, guests, or even as a creative workspace. Both bedrooms, paired with two well-appointed bathrooms, mean that there’s enough room for privacy, relaxation, and whatever else your heart desires. It’s the kind of setup that makes mornings less rushed and nights more peaceful. Here, everyone has their own space to unwind, making it for anyone who loves a bit of extra room.

Enhancing Daily Life

The heart of the B3 floor plan is undoubtedly its kitchen, complete with a chef’s island that’s not just functional but a style statement too. Quartz countertops with undermount sinks and ceramic tile backsplashes add a touch of sophistication. The bathrooms follow suit, echoing the kitchen’s blend of functionality and elegance. This is where your culinary skills come to life, and daily routines feel like a splash of luxury. It’s not just about cooking and cleaning; it’s about enjoying the beauty and practicality of well-designed spaces. Whether you’re whipping up a family meal or indulging in some self-care in the bathroom, these areas are here to enhance your everyday life.

Living Large in Perfect Harmony

The charm of the B3 floor plan doesn’t end with its rooms. The nine-foot ceilings add an airy, open feel to the entire apartment, making it seem even more spacious than it already is. Then there’s the wood-vinyl plank flooring, combining the beauty of wood with the durability of vinyl. It’s not just a floor; it’s the foundation of your home’s style and comfort. These elements work together to create an atmosphere that’s both welcoming and stylish. The high ceilings give you room to breathe and dream, while the flooring ensures that your home is as practical as it is pretty. It’s the perfect backdrop for your life, whether you’re hosting a lively gathering or enjoying a quiet night in.

To sum it up, the B3 floor plan at Alexan Gateway isn’t just another apartment; it’s a way of life. Every inch of space comes with careful planning for the utmost comfort and style. Boasting spacious bedrooms, chic kitchens and bathrooms, high ceilings, and eye-catching flooring, it makes ordinary days feel extraordinary. Space meets style in perfect harmony in our B3 floor plan. Secure a lease today at Alexan Gateway!