Style and Comfort All Year Round - A2 one-bedroom luxury apartment floor plan

Style and Comfort All Year Round

Step into the A2 floor plan at Alexan Gateway and feel the warmth of a home that blends comfort and style. With 679 SF of well-designed space, this one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment is perfect for those who love a cozy and chic lifestyle. Whether it’s celebrating the holidays or enjoying quiet days, the A2 floor plan is here to make every moment special. Know what it means to live in a home that has style and comfort all year round at Alexan Gateway.

A Sanctuary to Dream In

The bedroom in the A2 floor plan is a personal winter wonderland. It has a big walk-in closet for all your clothes and accessories. Think about waking up in your comfy room on a winter morning, all set for the holidays. The big closet also gives you room to keep your holiday decorations. This way, your place stays neat and happy. It’s also great for hiding surprises for your loved ones this holiday season. You can use the closet however you see fit. This bedroom is perfect for getting into the holiday spirit.

A Kitchen with Style

Cooking during the holidays is fun in the A2 floor plan’s kitchen. It has a chef’s island with nice quartz countertops. You can easily make a big holiday meal or bake cookies here. The kitchen is handy and looks good too. Friends can hang out around the island, talking and laughing. It’s great for big holiday meals or a cozy movie night. You can also show off your cooking skills here. The chef’s island provides plenty of opportunities to connect with your friends, family, or guests. This kitchen definitely makes every holiday moment special.

Comfort and Convenience All Year Round

The A2 floor plan has a big washer and dryer. This makes things easier for you, especially since you can expect a lot of laundry after holiday parties. With the A2 floor plan, all that hassle goes away. Also, some of our A2 floor plan homes feature a balcony. It’s like your own little outdoor space. Imagine drinking something warm outside when it’s cold, looking at the city, or just getting some fresh air. The balcony is also nice for putting up twinkling lights or decorations. It makes your place feel more like the holidays. You can also use it to relax with a book or music. This balcony can be your own holiday corner.

Alexan Gateway’s A2 floor plan is more than just an apartment. It’s a comfortable home where holiday cheer and daily life come together beautifully. Each part of the home, from the dreamy bedroom to the stylish kitchen, is a place where holiday moments and everyday life are cherished. This holiday season, let the A2 floor plan at Alexan Gateway be the backdrop to your festive celebrations and quiet nights in, a home that truly embraces your lifestyle. Discover style and comfort all year round at Alexan Gateway. Book a tour or secure a lease of our A2 floor plan today!