Your Dream Home Awaits - A1 Floor Plan

Your Dream Home Awaits

Your dream home awaits you at Alexan Gateway. Join us on a tour of the A1 Floor Plan, a space designed to offer comfort, convenience, and luxury. It has a total area of 624 SF. Let’s explore the unique features that make this floor plan an excellent choice for your new home!


Your Hub of Relaxation

At the core of the A1 Floor Plan is a generous living room. This open-concept space is perfect for unwinding, hosting friends, or enjoying some quiet time with a good book. The flexible and friendly design offers you a place to create and enjoy your downtime. Make memories or just hang out with the people you care about.


Where Your Dream Awaits

Everyone needs a tranquil space to recharge, and the A1 Floor Plan delivers with a cozy bedroom. Natural light floods the room thanks to large windows, creating a peaceful ambiance. The generous storage space ensures your personal haven remains uncluttered and restful. Rest your worries away as you slip into the land of dreams.


A Home of Luxury

The bathroom in the A1 Floor Plan is a blend of style and practicality. Sleek fixtures and a modern design make it a room where you can enjoy your daily routines in a refreshing environment. It’s your personal oasis right at home. The A1 Floor Plan also features a private balcony, providing a lovely outdoor space where you can unwind, enjoy your morning coffee, or catch up on some reading.

Join us at Alexan Gateway, where your dream home awaits. Live a full life filled with luxury and joy in our community. Call us now and schedule a private tour.